EN: Sala Travaglio-King Lear

Sala Travaglio is a project by the theatre compagny Questa Nave, based in Marghera – Venice since 1990.

“Sala Travaglio” means labour room: a place of new life. Questa Nave, indeed, is hosting three young venetian companies  at Theatre Aurora and at the little Teatrino di Via Pasini, in Marghera; and it’s providing them spaces, consulence, support and training about all the different theatre professions: on and off stage.

Sala Travaglio is a project of theatre residence dedicated to young companies willing to move their steps on a professional path. Questa Nave didn’t make a selection of the groups. Just one criterion, and a request: the companies taking part in the project would have had to collaborate and work together on a specific performance.

Why? Because we believe that professionalism starts (also) from knowing the collegues operating in the same territory.

That’s why a new KING LEAR by Shakespeare is now coming into the theatre world!


Imagine three different theatre companies
Composed of young actors, directors, performers, playwrights, scenographers, all taking their first steps
Put them together in a common space so they can create and stage a play in a few months
This is happening right now at Teatro Aurora, in Marghera
With Empusa Teatro, H2O Non Potabile, ItinerisTeatro, accompanied by Questa Nave.
The project? “Sala Travaglio, King Lear and the conflict between generations”
We meet up, we collide, like atoms running around in a particle accelerator, a flux at unimaginable speed that reveals new traces
King Lear is dissected, retaught, shaped, glossed,
and the Shakespearean tragedy reveals itself as a metaphor for conflict between generations,
To tell the truth, we have done nothing that Master Will wouldn’t have meant himself
Now, we are at the very moment of the “Boom”,
something is going to happen
but everything is still messed up, just like a tangled ball of wool.
We are now unrolling the ball in order to make a sweater
The knitting excites us
The drama is coming to light
We are finally putting our feet on stage,
We like Edmund, “Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit”
We like the fool, “Can you make no use of nothing, nuncle?”
We like Cordelia, “So young, my Lord, and true”
We have a throne, some doors, some yellow fabric, and a thousand ideas
We have almost everything.
But we are still missing something:
We need a little contribution.

Help us to give voice to our creativity: support us on www.eppela.com from march, 12 to april, 20!


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